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The highest standards of behaviour are expected of our children, both on and off the school premises. In keeping with the ethos of aCatholicSchool, our children are taught by word and example to be caring and show respect for all. Our aim is to lead our children to be self-disciplined and take responsibility for their own actions.

Bullying is not tolerated. Any reported incidents are dealt with immediately. All staff are committed to a policy of justice and tolerance with regards to race, gender, class, religion, disability and culture.

Any behaviour which diminishes another’s worth, value or self-esteem is unacceptable and disciplinary action will be taken where it is considered necessary.

We ask for the total support of parents when dealing with concerns regarding discipline. Maintaining high standards and good behaviour depends on a close working partnership between the home and school.  

For further information please see our Management of Good Behaviour' policy in our Policies area.